All Things Wireless & Letterpress

All Things Wireless & Letterpress

About Me.

Hi.  I'm Gary, WD4NKA.  I've been a ham since September of 1977, but before that, I learnt the trade of printing, specifically, job printing on the platen jobber, what we call Letterpress.  I own and operate a Letterpress Studio called Paper Wren Press.  I am also a homebrewer, the designer of the Regenerodyne receiver circuit, the author of TubePad, and former free lance writer for the Electronics Hobby Industry.  I have a website for Amateur Radio as well, although it hasn't been updated in years.  I need to attend to that one day.  But I digress.

Some time ago I began to observe that many hams I have met are also involved in Letterpress printing, and several have letterpress shops, with any assortment of presses, right there in their garages, often sharing space with their radio shacks.

What is it that binds these avocations or vocations . . . lets call them endeavors . . . together?  What do they have in common?  What is it that makes them appeal to not a few people?  On the surface, radio and printing on ancient presses appear miles apart.  But, are they really?  

You are invited to join me as I explore both ends of the spectrum, Amateur Radio and Letterpress Printing, in the various articles I will post to this blog.  In some entries, letterpress and wireless will in some way meet.  The meeting may be subtle, or may be obvious.  Or may not even happen.  Who knows, perhaps these endeavors may call out to you too!