All Things Wireless & Letterpress

All Things Wireless & Letterpress

Monday, April 8, 2019

CW Copy Pads.

CW "Copy Pads" are designed to integrate with most logs.  Each sheet is approximately 5" by 8", with data fields at the top of each page which can be entered during the qso.  Included is a date field, time field, frequency field, a field to record the call sign of the station worked, and RST field that can be selected for RST sent or RST received, a larger field to record the QTH, and a comments field to record any needed specifics.  The bulk of the page is blank, to record the qso, or whatever portions thereof the operator normally fills in during the course of the conversation.  (I usually write out the whole conversation, or pretty well most of it, unless it's a contest.)

At the end of each session, the data recorded on each sheet can then be recorded in the station log.  Since the sheets are dated and have a control number (each pad is numbered 000001 - 000100 using an ancient German numbering head!), sequence of QSOs can be easily kept in order if you are like me, and tear the sheets off the pad so I can also use the reverse side if I run out of room on the front.

Pads like these can be handy for contesting, weekend sprints, or general rag chewing and causal contacts.  Useful also for traffic handling: add check and other handling data in the Comments field.

These pads are being offered at a special introductory pricing of $10.00 per pad, in quantities of three ($30.00).  I will pay the shipping for all introductory offers.

To order: Please send PayPal payment for $30.00 to: 

Here is a shot of the actual page itself.  A red control number will appear on the bottom right of each sheet, padded in sheets of 100.  These sheets can also fit in the carriage of most typewriters and mills.
Here is a short video showing the actual printing of these copypad sheets.  These are printed one sheet at a time on "Ol' 36", my 1936 Chandler & Price "New Series" iron horse, in the exact manner traditionally used for these sorts of things since the very early 1900s. 
These particular pads were designed just after the 2019 Novice Rig Round-up last March, in attempts to better organize the pile of papers at my operating position resultant from each session of the contest.  Rather than sifting through countless notebook and pad sheets, reading each one over to locate the logging data I needed, these pads keep this data in easy to find fields, and in order both by date and time, and also by control number.
Hope this helps to make things all the more enjoyable and interesting at the operating position!
-gary // wd4nka
NRR founder.  (Nr. 8)